Chris brown Parts Ways With Long Time Manager, Tina Davis

Chris Brown as finally parted ways with his long time manager Tina Davis...

VIA Sandra Rose: In 2012 Def Jam VP of A&R Bu Thiam replaced Tina Davis as Chris Brown’s manager. It was reported that Davis, who is in her late 40s, was reportedly involved in an inappropriate relationship with Brown when he was 15.

After a series of career setbacks and PR nightmares for Brown, Bu was brought in as a key member of Brown’s management team. But Davis was not let go due to a contractual agreement.

All of that changed today when,
according to my very well-connected source, Brown FIRED Davis after suspecting her of setting him up for a violent confrontation between Brown and Suge Knight!

“She’s not coming back. It’s a wrap!” said my source. “[He] found out she was the one who set him up!”

Suge Knight reportedly is affiliated with the Bloods, a notorious street gang out of Compton, California. It’s been long rumored that Brown rolls with the Bloods — but Brown steadfastly denies the rumors that he is gang affiliated.

You may have read about the recent violent confrontation between Brown’s camp and Suge Knight on other blogs. According to my source, the confrontation occurred about 2 weeks ago.

Stay tuned for more details on this breaking story…

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