Did Ciara And Future Break Up?

Last week there were rumors that Ciara and Future were no more together after Future was seen flirting with Rihanna during a recording studio, and 2days later, they were again spotted at a New York Nightclub just weeks after news broke that he had skipped the birth of his and Ciara's first child together....

Over the weekend Ciara was spotted in public for the first time since the birth of their new baby Future Zahir Wilburn... stirring up the break up rumors--- CICI wasn't wearing her engagement ring. MORE PHOTOS BELOW

Accoding to Media Takeout, a insider who works at the WESTLAKE studio in Los Angeles told the website that Rihanna and Future are recording a bunch of songs for her new album.

The insider explained, "There was a lot of tension in the air, like [Future] and [Rihanna] wanted everyone to leave.
And they kept looking at and laughing - there was definitely something going on between them."

The insider added, "They were smoking a lot of weed, and I think Rihanna was drunk - and she was all over Future. There were other people around so Future looked a little nervous and [didn't let things get ] too far. But they left together and Rihanna looked like she was ready to DROP THEM PANTIES."

And two nights ago, the couple was spotted together at a club in New York . . . partying together like OLD FRIENDS.


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Photo Credit: Daily Mail UK

Source: Rhymes With Snitch

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