Cameroonian Trio X-Maleya To Perform At Olympia...

It has been confirmed, Cameroonian group X-Maleya, will be perform at Olympia, 14 September.

The group which is composed of Roger, Auguste and Haïssama --who is from an American father and a French-Cameroonian mother-- sings in Bassa, French and English.

"We need to give the best of ourselves. Olympia is a major challenge" said Roger.

In order to take up on this big challenge, the group practices 4hours a day - 6days a week. They have already released 4 album: “Exil” in 2006, “X Maleya” in 2009, “’Tous ensemble” in 2011 and “Revolution” in 2013 -- which sold up to 10 000 copies the first day of its release.

X-Maleya will be performing at Olympia with a number of international act which they have invited... Although the names of the international act has been not made public yet, rumours has it that Cameroonian and African legendary rapper from Bisso na Bisso, Pitt Bacardi, and Nigerian J-Martins are amongst the names...

The are rumours that the group is working on a new song with American producer/singer/designer Pharrell Williams.

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