Novel Revisiting The December 1976 Assassination Attempt On Bob Marley is Due Out Soon

A novel reminiscing of the assassination attempt Bob Marley in the December 1976 is due out soon.

The novel title "A Brief History of Seven Killings" is written by Jamaican Marlon James, review what could have sparked the shooting which took place December 3 at the singer’s Hope Road home (now the Bob Marley Museum) in St Andrew, where Marley and the Wailers, were rehearsing for the Smile Jamaica concert scheduled for December 5 at National Heroes Park when marauding gunmen ambushed them.

Marley was with wife Rita, manager Don Taylor and friend Louis Simpson... He was shoot in his left arm.

After the incident, Marley went into hiding... after performing on the show, Marley left Jamaica on self-imposed exile in London(where Exodus was recorded) for almost two years.

No one was ever arrested for the attack. Marley later on released, ‘‘Ambush in The Night’’a song aspired by the night of the shooting.

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