Dellish Reveals To Have Spent Her $300,000 on expensive Watches And Overseas Trips.

Dellish Mathews

Big Brother Africa The Chase winner ,Dillish Mathews, says she's broke again.

Dellish cashed in $300,000 in grand prize when she won the 8th Season of Big Brother Africa in 2013.... In a video posted on Instagram Dellish says she spent the winnings on expensive trips and watches.

“Read about what I did with my money that I got from Big Brother? It's finished” Delish revealed on instagram.

Dellish, who is now a model and actress, says she spend the money on Rolexes, and kept going to Milan, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai.

Guess winning Big Brother is like winning the lotto. It doesn't make you a millionaire.

Pic Credit: Dellish Instagrma


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