Menzi Ngubane To Make A Return In Generations?

It is rumoured that Menzi Ngubane is in talks with Mfundi Vundla to make a return in "Generations". 

According to Sunday Sun ,Ngubane, better known as  "Sibusiso Dhlomo" in the soap, allegedly met with Mfundi to "apologise" and smoked the peace pipe.

But a source allegedly told the paper that there is more to it than just making peace.

“I think there’s more to it than an apology. Menzi has been without a job for months. And I think he’s tired of speculations that he’s joining this soapie or that soapie.

“Maybe sooner or later he’ll be back under MMSV!” The source allegedly told the paper.

When ask about the allegations of Ngubane making a return, Mfundi told Sunday Sun:  

“I’ll always work with Menzi, I have the greatest respect for the man.”

However, the paper said Ngubane sounded shocked when the approached him.

“Last time I heard from him was when he fired me by email. I don’t know about his change of heart lately,” he told publication.

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