Miguel Reveals WildHeart Album Artwork + New Track!

Miguel revealed the cover artwork of his highly anticipated album, Wildheart. The album is due for June 30th.

Miguel gave fans a taste of the follow-up to Kaleidoscope Dream in the form of Wildheart by streaming a revamped version of “Coffee (Fucking)” FTWale.

in a recent interview with VH1, Miguel described the album, saying, “It’s Los Angeles, it’s attitude, it’s aggression, it’s sex, it’s pyschedelia, it’s lust, it’s loneliness. It’s just more aggressive. It’s just raw. That’s why I love this album.” Other album track titles include “nwa”, “Hollywood Dreams”, “Leaves”, “Face the Sun”, “A Beautiful Exit”, and “In the Valley”.

Listen to “Coffee (Fucking)”.

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