Sarkodie And American rapper Acehood Feud Over Track!

Sarkodie and American rapper Acehood feud over who paid who for featuring.

Sarkodie and Ace Hood collaborated on track title "New Guy", which is apparently dropping soon... But things got heated when Sarkodie revealed during an interview that the American rapper was supposedly the one who contacted him for the collaboration.

“When he looked at what was going on in Africa, the kind of sound he was looking for, and luckily for Sark, it was me. I didn’t really make any announcements because I kind of doubted it…which is bad. But then of course, such a call always makes you feel like its a prank or something?

“So I got my agents in the States who contacted me to inform me that Ace Hood contacted; and I was like … [taken aback], because mostly it happens the other way round when Africans try to get the attention of these people.

“Ghanaian fans might not be able to relate too much with the record New Guy, because it is not completely the style they are used to but they will go with the whole movement of me and Ace Hood.

“I’m not the young guy who started off some years ago and was always scared. It was just
like a normal studio day with just anyone”.

However, when a fan brought the matter to the attention of Ace Hood, the American rapper who is signed on DJ Khaled’s We Are The Best Music Group called out Sarkodie saying that the Ghanaian rapper was the one who paid him for the featuring instead.

Ace Hood said Sarkodie was spreading false rumours and that Ghanaian allegedly paid him $25,000 to feature on New Guy.

Clearing the air, Ace Hood tweeted to the fan, “let me find out ni**as spreading false rumours! When dat 25k ($25,000) hit my [account], the feature got done! I don’t play dem games”.

But Sarkodie camp still insisting that Acehood was the one who contacted the rapper. And so far there's no word if the track will be released.

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