DJ Zinhle Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Complication.

Dj Zinhle opens up about having to give up work due to a complication in her pregnancy.

Zinhle, who launched yesterday her Blog/Diary called Moments By DJ Zinhle to share her journey into motherhood, revealed how she had experienced a few medical complications that left her in tears.

"The plan was clear, work wouldn’t be disrupted by the pregnancy. Twenty weeks into my pregnancy, a simple visit to the doctor’s rooms changed everything. He picked up a complication which required me to be admitted to the hospital immediately. I had an operation the next day and everything changed."

"The doctor explained my condition to me and made it clear that if I wanted the baby to survive, I would need to slow down. I had no option but to completely stop my exercise routine and any travelling plans and to take it easy … very easy," she reminisced.

The Dj said thanks to her boyfriend, family and friends support, the burden became easier to carry.... She also said her boyfriend, AKA, has been very supportive from the very start.

I couldn’t wait till he got back, so I took a picture of the stick and sent it to him. He, as many men would, responded with, “What does this mean?”. After announcing that our lives were going to change forever, with the simple words, “It means we are pregnant”, he lovingly asked me if I was scared. I responded, “Yes, but I am also happy, you?”.He responded, “I am scared too. I love you and I wouldn’t do this with anybody else but you. I still would have preferred if you told me face to face”.


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