Egyptian Tv Show Host Ramez Galal Pranks Paris Hilton in Dubai

American star Paris Hilton, joined the list of celebrity to be prank by Egyptian TV host Ramez Galal.

Paris Hilton is seen screaming and calling out for help as she is led to think that her plane is losing control in a promo of the upcoming episode of “Ramez Wakel Elgaw,” which will air on MBC Misr during Ramadan.

On the airplane, the pilot announces that he is losing control of the aircraft and tells the celebrities that they will have to decide whether they are brave enough to jump out of the plane in a parachute... The promo shows the host visiting Hilton’s hotel room later, handing her flowers and a gift to apologize. Hilton plays her part and has a hard time as she tries to pronounce the show’s name in Arabic.

This year, Galal will invite celebrities to open one of the big hotel chains in Dubai.

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