R Mashesha's belongings stolen!

The family of the late Big Nuz singer , R Mashesha, is furious after thieves stole his belongings from his home - reports Daily Sun.

The family allegedly discovered on Sunday that someone broke into the singer's outside building in the family yard in Umlaz, Durban.

The singer sister Zonke Khomo tells Daily Sun that the thieves turned the room upside down and stole her brother’s clothes, two expensive watches, his Apple iMac laptop, an advanced 2015 Sony PlayStation and his sneakers.

“We gathered for prayers on Sunday evening. When we were done, we found all his belongings were gone. It must have been people who knew which house was his.

“We had opened our gates and doors for mourners and thought everyone coming in was also in pain and mourning with us.

“We never thought somebody would come in and use the opportunity to steal from us, especially R Mashesha’s personal stuff.

“I find it inhumane and evil to steal from the dead. People have lost ubuntu,”

“We need to know who did this. How could you wait for somebody to die and then steal his belongings? Africans respect the dead and do not use the things of a dead person until he has been laid to rest,” she said.

R Mashesha died on Friday afternoon after a short illness.

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