Karim Benzema Accused By Teammate Of Being Involved In Sex Tape Blackmail Scheme

Mathieu Valbuena has accused his France teammate , Karim Benzema, of "indirectly" suggesting he would need to pay blackmailers in the alleged sex tape blackmail plot.

Valbuen, who spoken publicly for the first time about being blackmail over a sex tape involving him and his girlfriend, told Le Monde that Benzema suggested him indirectly that he needs to pay blackmailers if he wants to get the sex tape back.

Benzema is under investigation for complicity in attempted blackmail, but his lawyer insists that the French and Real Madrid striker his is not guilty.

Benzema allegedly told investigators that he was contacted by a childhood friend to play the middleman in the scheme against his teammate,Valbuen.

The French Football Federation said in a statement on Friday that it was prepared to take "appropriate measures" in the case - including civil action - "depending on developments".

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