Check Out Yohance First African Inspired Space Opera

Check Out Yohance First African Inspired Space Opera

An African Inspired Space Opera dubbed "Yohancé" is being developed by New Jersey-based French-Caribbean author and illustrator Paul Louise-Julie.

The mini series will tell the story of an interstellar thief known as Yohancé–aka (The Monkey), and it's inspired by ancient African cultures.


“ When I started this journey, I made peace with the fact that The Pack would occupy most of my adult life. I had no idea that there would be an equal excitement for an African-inspired Space Opera. After I wrote the script, it quickly became apparent that I had to do this, even if it meant running it parallel to The Pack,” Louise-Julie said.

Pre-production is already finished, and Yohancé Pt.1: The Ekangeni Crystal might come out in early 2016.

Book #1 of Yohance: "The Ekangeni Crystal" will be available on iBooks, Kindle, Google Play, and Comixology for free in just a few months.

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