Saint Seya To Get CG And Live-Action Film. Plus Golden Amour Photos!

saint Seiya CG film and Live-action film

Toei president Kozo Morishita, has revealed that popular Tv show ,Saint Seiya, has three new projects on the way.

Speaking at Brazil's CCXP Comic Con, Morishita said Toei is currently planning a CG film and a live-action adaptation for Saint Seiya. However, Morishita mentioned that the third project was still a secret project. The company is apparently planning on keeping the momentum going since the show returned in late 2000.

The team of both films is being brought together from within Toei, with Saint Seiya creator Masami Kurumada being consulted as to the release cadence for the upcoming projects.

No release date were revealed, but we will keep you updated. Meanwhile, you can check out the 12 Golden Armors are being displayed together for the first time outside of Japan below!



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