Harrysong And Manager Arrested For Fraud And Forgery.

Singer Harrysong And Manager Arrested For Fraud And Forgery.

Singer Harryson and his manager are apparently in police custody after allegedly being arrested for fraud and, forgery and impersonation.

According to report, Harrysong' record company "Five Star Music" had the singer arrested yesterday 31, January, for breach of contract.

“They were re-arrested on fresh criminal charges of fraud, forgery and impersonation. I heard them saying they forged E-Money's signature to collect money from a brand” a witness claims.

Five Star Music released a statement last month saying that he[Harrysong] signed a 3years back in 2014 stating that Harry "must not engage himself in anyway whatsoever, whether directly, by proxy or through a third party in any Music or recording business other than that of Five Star Music". The recording company says that Harrysong "breached is contract as he has been releasing music, going on tours locally and internationally without our consent or paying the agreed percentage to the label".

The "Reggae Blues" hit-maker and his manager were re-arrested for fraud, forgery and impersonation after they forged the signature of the company top boss to collect money from a brand‘  the witness said. They allegedly spent the night in a police cell and may face be charged to court today.

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