Someone Tried To Sabotage Kwesta's Public Whatsapp Line.

kwesta victim of sim swap

Someone in the music industry tried to do a sim swap on Kwesta's public whatsapp number. his team revealed.

Kwesta revealed on Twitter that someone in the industry wanted to sabotage his public Whatsapp line - which his available to fans on his twitter account - by doing a sim swap.

"Really shameful that there are people in out INDUSTRY who will reduce themselves to dirty tactics & sabotage. We're turning the other cheek!" he wrote.

"I know who was behind this COWARDLY crime thanks to the people at Vodacom… won't name you but SHAME ON YOU. We're praying for you SHEM…"

Kwesta's team tells Timeslive the sim swop request was allegedly tracked to someone in the industry.

"Our only focus was getting the Whatsapp line up again, which it will be on Wednesday afternoon. We don't have time to entertain childish games."

Kwesta apologised to his fans and says they will not succeed in bring him down.

"Apologies to those who's messages haven't been getting through my Whatsapp line. I fell victim to sim swop fraud. FOUL PLAY WILL NOT SUCCEED!"

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