Death Metal Zombie Cop Comic Launches Crowdfunding For First Issue.

Death Metal Zombie Cop Comic Launches Crowdfunding For First Issue.

Peepo Choo's creator Felipe Smith launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to get funding for his new comic book project called "Death Metal Zombie Cop". Which you can see the first visual below.

The Comics and manga creator aims to raise US$22,000 to fund the first issue Death Metal Zombie Cop. Smith revealed that he has already written down the first two story arcs for the comic series, and said he will continue the story if the issue pick readers interest. The campaign runs until August 18 and has earned US$10,485 so far.

A Superstar LAPD Rookie (Marco Miranda) & his disillusioned Training Officer (Rhonda Riley) discover that a corruption-plagued Justice System and the tightening stranglehold of the Drug Cartel are just the tip of the iceberg when L.A.'s deadliest Urban Legend reveals itself to be very REAL.

Anyone who helps with the funding will get a digital download of the comic's first issue, wallpapers, a signed print copy of the first issue, pins, mini-prints, T-shirts, an artbook, an opportunity to have the backer's likeness appear as an LAPD mugshot in the story, original ink sketches of the characters, a one-hour Skype conversation with Smith, and the opportunity for the backer to appear in the first issue's story.

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