Dragon Ball Super: New Super Warrior To Enter The Tournamnet, And Will Frieza Take On Jiren Himself?

Dragon Ball Super: New Super Warrior To Enter The Tournamnet

New promotional images for Dragon Ball Super as suggested that we might see the introduction of a brand new fighter in tournament of power. The images which you can see below, features figures of Hit, Goku , Gohan and a hidden character that is supposed to be unveiled in the coming episodes of the anime television series.

According to reports, the new character will make his debut in episode 114: Dreadful Situation, Sudden Appearance of the new Super Warrior! slated to air on 4th of November. So far we've been speculating that Jiren is/was the strongest Warrior in the Tournament of Power, but seems like there's someone more powerful than the warrior from Universe 11.

Goku’s attacks overwhelm kale while he’s fighting against ber and Caulifla, and the tension gradually increases and then she transforms into Super Saiyan beserk. Well, really interesting title but it seems to me that the writers don’t want to completely spoil the show for us and are hiding something deep inside. Are they talking about Goku’s new super warrior form? Or is it just the inexperienced Kale they are referring to? As we already know Kale’s transformation isn’t new therefore this new warrior is definitely Goku.

It also looks like Frieza will be one of Jiren,s opponent as the opening trailer of Dragon Ball Heroes 5 shared on July 6, shows an empty Tournament of Power arena, then reveals Goku and Golden Frieza standing opposite Universe 11's Jiren, then Golden Frieza immediately attacked Jiren.

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