Is Sway Trying To Sabotage CassperNyovest "Tsholofelo" Album Party Launch?

The entertainment industry is a cold place... and seems like Cassper Nyovest is learning it the hard way...

The rapper who's having is album launch party this Thursday at taboo night club,July 31st, took his frustration out on his facebook page when he had learned that another club is trying to sabotage his album launch party by hosting an event the same day...

In a message posted in the early hours of the morning, Cassper claims that the Club who try to steal act from his line-up have now signed his harsh enemy, AKA...

Cassper explains: “All of a sudden there's a club that is having a party on the same day as my release party and they book my enemy.. Lol eh Mara Jozi... First they tried to book the same niggas on my line up but cause I role with some real niggas, they said no!!! Now this??? Pathetic!!!!”

Well we did some digging ourself.. and the Club in question is none other than Sway Sandton who are also hosting a party this Thursday featuring DJKENT, DALES and AKA!

Talking about the obvious..
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