L'Oréal Paris Settlement With FTC Ends Inquiry into Advertising Claims Linked to Two Anti-aging Products

The French cosmetics company L'Oreal will no long claim in the future that two of their skincare products are anti-aging, under an agreement with the FTC.

The Federal Trade Commission(FTC) said in a statement that, L’Oréal made false and unsubstantiated claims that its Génifique and Youth Code products provided anti-aging benefits by targeting users’ genes.

According to the FTC, L'Oréal claimed that its Génifique products were clinically proven to "boost genes' activity and stimulate the production of youth proteins that would cause "visibly younger skin in just 7 days," and was being sell for as much as $132 a container when in reality, a Youth Code is priced at up to $25 a container, the agency said.

“It would be nice if cosmetics could alter our genes and turn back time,” said Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “But L’Oréal couldn’t support these claims.” She added.

Under the planned accord, the cosmetics company also is prohibited from claiming that its Lancome or L'Oréal Paris products "target or boost the activity of genes to make skin look or act younger." L'Oréal is also prohibited from making claims that the products "affect genes" unless they are supported by scientific evidence, the FTC said.

L'Oreal claims that the advertising related to its Youth Code and Génifique were discontinued some time ago.

L'Oréal also said the proposed accord doesn't involve monetary penalties and didn't admit any improper advertising practices.

"The safety, quality and effectiveness of the company's products were never in question," a company spokesman said.

SOURCE: Le Parisien and WSJ

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