Watch Fantastic Four Remake Official Teaser Trailer.

The trailer of the remake 'Fantastic Four' movie was released today 20th Century Fox.

Four young scientists acquires superhuman abilities after a teleportation experiment goes wrong. Must now save the world from a uprising tyrant.

The film is directed by Josh Trank was by Simon Kinberg (screenplay), Jack Kirby (characters), Stan Lee (characters), T.S. Nowlin (revisions), and Jeremy Slater (story)

The movie which set for release 7 August 2015 in the USA. Stars Miles Teller as Reed Richards, Kate Mara as Sue Storm, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, Toby Kebbell as Victor Domashev , Jamie Bell as
Ben Grimm, Reg E. Cathey as Dr. Franklin Storm, Tim Blake Nelson as Harvey Elder and Chet Hanks as Jimmy Grimm.

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