Gospel Singer Caught Wife Cheating With Another Gospel Singer.... HisClose Friend.

Mathias Mhere

Popular Zimbabwean gospel singer Mathias Mhere asking for divorce after he discovered that his wife of 6years was having an affair with his close friend.

Mhere found out about the affair between his friend Gift Mahlupeka (another gospel singer) and his wife Susan Dzinamarira, when he stumbled upon their Whatsapp messages.

Susan and Gift have been allegedly sexting since last year November and also sending each others nude picture via Whatsapp.

Mhere who is mourning his brother who died yesterday, couldn't comment when he was contacted on the matter.

“I lost my brother this morning (yesterday) and I would not want to talk much about that issue. This is all happening all at once. It is painful to discover something like that from someone you trust,” he lamented.

However, a source claimed that Susan confirmed the affair to a church Pastor. “He took her to his Pastor and she confessed that they had been dating but only for a week.

“He then took her to Gift’s place before she was sent to her parents in Mutare,” said the source.

Susan has since apologiesed and said the affair stopped on Whatsapp and has never had any physical contact with Gift.

“I want to apologise to my husband as a man, it put hs work as a musician into disrepute again. I apologise to my husband, his family, my family and the whole nation at large for what I did and I promise that it won’t happen again.

“While I am not defending myself, I also want to categorically state that the affair started and ended with text messages and there was no physical contact with Gift.

“It all started as simple texting and got deeper in the messages but we have ner had any physical contact,”said Susan.


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