Mfundi Vundla unbothered By E.Tv's New Telenovela, Regeneration... Sorry I meant Ashes To Ashes.

Mfundi Vundla

Last week E.Tv revealed the cast of their much talk about telenova Ashes to Ashes, which includes some of the 16 fired Generations actors as main characters [click HEREif you missed it]

It seems like the show which will air at 8pm same time slot as the newly revamp Generations "The Leagacy" doesn't bother creator Mfundi Vundla.

Speaking to Drum Magazine, Mfundi Vundla said the competition doesn't bother him as its not "the first time someone has tried to take" on Generations.

He explained; “Remember when they launched Scandal! it was initially meant for the 8pm slot . But I’m ready. Competition is good. It grows the industry. There’s more work for people.”

Ashes to Ashes will start on the 2nd March at 8pm.

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