Yvonne Chaka Chaka And Kelly Khumalo In A Deputy Girlfriend Situation Over The Same Song.

chaka and Kelly KhumaloYvonne Chaka

Kelly Khumalo is yet involved in another controversy- this time its about a song.

South African icon singer , Yvonne Chaka Chaka, claims Kelly's ‘Asine’ is her song.

Yvonne says Asine was featured in her album Bombani and was ‘Reya Lots’ha’ by the time... According to her Sello “Chicco” Twala ( who wrote Kelly's Asine) wrote the song for her in the late 90s and doesn't know why it is featured in Kelly's ‘Back to my roots’.

On the other hand Chaka Chaka claims that ‘Asine’ first appeared on her album. At the time the song was titled: ‘Reya Lots’ha’.

“Chicco wrote this song for me while we were doing the Bombani album.

“Nobody told me that this song would be on Kelly’s album. I called Chicco about this, but he said I must relax. He said this is not a new song and people should know it. The difference is that it now has a new title,” Yvonne told Drum magazine.

However, Chicco says he doesn't see why should have told Yvonne as the song is his.

“I never told Yvonne because she is not the one who wrote it. The song belongs to me,” he said.

Kelly only responded with “So what?” When asked for comment.

Man, this is like a guy giving the main chick and deputy girlfriend the same gift for Valentine's day.

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