Naruto's Upcoming Movie "Boruto" Offers Glimpses Of Naruto' Son And Sasuke' Daughter.

The lead for cast for the upcoming Naruto film , Boruto,  been officially introduced.

To voice the lead characters will be, Yuko Sanpei (Eureka 7's Renton Thurston, Yes! Precure 5's Cure Dream) as Boruto Uzumaki and Kokoro Kikichu (Heartcatch Precure!'s Potpourri) as Sarada Uchiha, both of whom were introduced in the final chapter of the manga series. The film will also feature the voice of Masako Nozawa (Dragon Ball’s Goku) and Mayumi Tanaka (One Piece’s Luffy).

The announcement was made Along with a new set of screenshot.

The film will focus on the next generation of ninja, in particular Naruto Uzumaki's son, Boruto, and Sasuke Uchiha's daughter, Sarada.

Boruto –Naruto the Movie-opens August 7 at theaters across Japan.

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