Game Of Thrones 8 Season a posibility

HBO programming president , Michael Lombardo, says Game of Thrones might not end with seven seasons. 

For some time now it has been said that Game Of Thrones might end around the 70-hour mark, Michael Lombardo says the show might be renewed at least eight seasons.

"Seven-seasons-and-out has never been the [internal] conversation,” Lombardo said to critics at the Television Critics Association’s press tour Thursday when a reporter asked if the show would end after seven. “The question is: How much beyond seven are we going to do? Obviously we’re shooting six now, hopefully discussing seven. [Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are] feel like there’s two more years after six. I would always love for them to change their minds, but that’s what we’re looking at right now.”

However, it doesn't mean the series is officially renewed for eight seasons.

The president was also asked if Jon Snow is really dead after actor Kit Harington has recently been spotted in Belfast, where Thrones is primarily shot.

“Dead is dead is dead,” he said. “He be dead. Um, yes. Everything I’ve seen, heard and read, Jon Snow is indeed dead.” 

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