Miss Universe Ghana Pageant Organizers Accused Of Fixing The Show!

The organizers of the 2015 Miss Universe Ghana pageant have come under-fire after it was revealed that the show was allegedly fixed!

According to reports, Miss Universe Ghana organizer ,Roberta Annan, and National Director , Ellen Osei, received bribe to crowned Hilda Akua as the 2015 Miss Universe Ghana, after a leaked email exchange show the pair discussing the scheme... Akua who was suppose to be the third contestant to answer the Q&A after reaching the Top 5, somehow answered the question last and was apparently backstage listening to the questions the whole time.

It is said that Hilda Akua and the National Director Ellen Osei have been close friends for years after they met during Miss USA Ghana 2012 where Hilda won and had the right to represent the Ghanaian-USA Community in Ghana but she did not compete that year.

Check the email exchange below after cut.

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