Check Out Jungle book Live-Action Teaser Staring Lupita Nyong'o And Idris Elba [VIDEO]

The first official trailer for Jon Favreau’s live-action version of The Jungle Book is arriving on

Before we get to see the full length trailer, Disney has released the first teaser for the upcoming film, giving us a little sneak peek of what fans got to enjoy at the D23 expo.

Jon Favreau’s live-action version of The Jungle Book will feature Newcomer Neel Sethi as Mowgly - the young boy raised by wolves- while the classic story's animal characters have been created using CGI.

Director Jon Favreau has signed on a stellar cast with Bill Murray voicing friendly bear Baloo, Ben Kingsley as panther Bagheera, Idris Elba as villainous tiger Shere Khan, Scarlett Johansson as python Kaa, Christopher Walken as orangutan King Louie and Lupita Nyong'o as mother wolf Raksha.

Jungle Book is set for release April 15, 2016.

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