Zimbabwean Model Mercy Kamanura Arrested Shoplifting At Edgars

Zimbabwean model and reigning 2nd princess for leading cosmetic brand, Black Opal, in the dock for allegedly stealing a jumpsuit at Edgars Harare, Zimbabwe.

The 24 years-old Mercy Kamanura was arrested for stealing a $40 jumpsuit at Edgars clothing store.

According to reports, Kamanura went to the store and pretended she wanted to buy clothes. She then took three items to the fitting room saying she wanted to try them on... When she came out of the fitting room she handed over only two items to shop attendants. The other outfit was later found inside her bag After the security guard searched her at the exit.

The guard found a jumpsuit similar to the type the shop was selling but without evidence of payment. He went to the fitting room where he found a price tag of the same jumpsuit.

Kamanura then denied stealing the jumpsuit, saying she had bought the one in her handbag from another retailer but failed to prove her claim.

Kamanura was released on a $30 bail and will appear in court September 15.

She won the Black Opal Face of Zimbabwe title in July this year and received $2,000 and three months’ supply of Black Opal skincare and cosmetic products.

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