First WarCraft Movie Poster Unveiled.

Universal Pictures and Legendary Entertainment have revealed the first poster for Warcraft (see below).

Directed by Duncan Jones, the poster shows Durotan *left* (Toby Kebbel) the lead protagonist for the Horde and Anduin Lothar *right* (Travis Fimmel), the lead protagonist for the Alliance.

The first trailer for Warcraft will debut this Friday, according to Universal Pictures. Warcraft is schedule for release June 10, 2016.

We Get Our First Look At Warcraft's Lead Character Orgrim. (PIC)

The movie stars Paula Pattonas Garona (a half-elf, half-human),Ben Fosteras Medivh (a wizard), Dominic Cooperas (human) King Llane Wrynn,Ben Schnetzeras Khadgar,Clancy Brownas Blackhand (an orc),Ruth Neggaas Lady Taria, andDaniel Wuas Gul’dan.

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