Girl Claims Dineo Ranaka Hit Her With A Bottle Twice!

A 22-year-old woman claims Dineo Ranaka hit her with a bottle champagne.

Tehila Nothnagel told Sunday Sun SA that it all went down on December 16 at Piatto in Dainfern.

Tehila tells Sunday Sun SA it started when Dineo met them Inyati Sands... According to her, Dineo and her friends started talking bad about them when they arrived at the venue.

“ I was having a good with my friends at Inyati Sands.
“Then Dineo arrived with her friends and they were funny with us.
“We could hear them making bad remarks about us,” she tells the paper.

Tehila says they decided to leave and to go to Piatto, but Dineo and her friends followed them and that's when hell broke loose.

“They were disrespectful to us and i went to ask them if everything was okay because they were talking bad about my friends.”

Tehila says that's when Dineo allegedly hit her with a bottle of champagne. twice!

“The first time the bottle didn't break, but the second time it did. Shortly after that i could feel liquid flowing down my face.
“I thought it was champagne but i realised it was blood from my open cut,” she tells the publication.

Tehila says her friends rushed her to the Netcare Olivedale Clinic to get six stitches... She says she opened a case at Douglasdale police station, but they sent her to the doctor to bring a J88 to open the case.

Tehila says maybe Dineo attacked her because she was the guy she likes.

Dineo was out of reach when contacted by the paper for comment.

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