Rihanna and Drake Shooting New Muic Video.?

Eyewitnesses claims to have seen Rihanna and Drake shooting a video for their new collaboration.

Rihanna and Drake were seen at the Eagle Rock Plaza in Los Angeles on January 9 filming a video for their new song called “Work,”.

According to Complex, the song is a “down-tempo, syrupy dancehall ballad”, and will be on Rihanna's upcoming album, ANTI.

Twitter users who spotted Rihanna and Drake at Eagle Rock Plaza in Los Angeles spotted some snippet on the social media.

little snippet of @Rihanna's part in #WORKnew music video filming 👏🏼👏🏼 pic.twitter.com/nZzIU9Oqk3
— SaDe (@SadeS2RiRi) January 10, 2016

The second exclusive snippet of Rihanna's new single "Work" featuring Drake – sounding like a hit! 🔥 pic.twitter.com/5nspThlQwI
— Music's Rebellion (@MusicsRebellion) January 10, 2016

@alexis16marieefilming on top of plaza. Can only see stage lights pic.twitter.com/2F7NIhwd TW— Chapstick Queen (@alexis16mariee) January 10, 2016

When drake and Rihanna bring horses to the mall for their video pic.twitter.com/cQcjbzXOI 4— אריק (@okayerick) January 10, 2016

More pics from Drake and Rihanna's video 👀 pic.twitter.com/la8OSssAq d— אריק (@okayerick) January 10, 2016

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