Axed Generations Actors Begging For Their job Back?

Insider claims three former Generations actorsaree pleading with the show creator to get their job back.

A source allegedly told MOVE! That, Mandla Gaduka(Choppa) , Slindile Nodangala (Mam Ruby) and Nambitha Mpumlwana (Mawande) who were part of the 16 axed actor back in 2014, are allegedly begging Generations : Legacy creator , Mfundi Vundla, for their job back.

“Mandla, Slindile and Nambitha would call Mfundi pretending to be checking on him. They would tell him how much they miss him and wish things were different in their lives,” a source allegedly told Move magazine.

“Later they would tell him that they still regard Generations as their home and that they would like to have their job back. Life outside Generations is hard and they want to be back at the show”

Mfundi told the magazine that he didn't know about the trio wishing to make a return on the show. However, the show creator made it clear that he doesn't have any intention of taking them back.

“It's news to me that they want to come back” Vundla told Move, “I have moved on.”

Mfundi also made it clear that this was a new show and he's not looking for people to join the show.

“This is Generation - Legacy. People should move on too. I am not opening doors for anyone for that matter, and it's none of my business that they want to come back. In fact,  they should move on like I did.”

Asked to about the allegations, Slindile told the magazine that “People should grow up and stop spreading lies”... On her side Nambitha simply said “I did not speak to any journalist about this before, and I'm not intending to do so now, thank you.”

Mandla could not be reached for comment.

Mandla, Slindile and Nambitha were amongst the 16 actors who were fired after they went on a strike demanding royalties, long-term contract and a raise.

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