Sheldon Cooper To Get His Own Tv Show!

Sheldon Cooper To Get His Own Tv Show!

It's being reported that The Big Bang Theory character , Sheldon Cooper , will get his own Tv series.

According to reports, the prequel spin-off dubbed " Sheldon" is in the works at CBS, and will be based on the teenage years of Sheldon Cooper , played by Jim Parsons.

Apparently No actors from the Tv series which is in it 10th season will make an appearance as the network is said to be looking for a cast.

The prequel says to be like has Malcolm in the Middle, will also be a single camera comedy and will be overseen by The Big Bang Theory co-creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady.

The original cast is rumoured to be in negotiations over their pay for the 11th season, asking an increase from the reported $1m per half hour they have been receiving for the last three years.

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