Dc Comics Beats Marvel In Comics Sales!

Marvel might be cashing in on the big screen, but DC Comics is killing it when it comes to comic book.

Bleeding Cool along with a number of comic stores compiled a list of Bestseller comics book from Wednesday and Thursday, with DC Comics dominating another week with eight out of the ten best-selling comics...

Apparently the launch of DC Rebirth comics gave the DC Comics an edged over Marvel, with Dark Knight III out selling Civil War II...Some of Marvel long time customers apparently seem to be enjoying DC a lot more too.


1.Dark Knight III: The Master Race #7
2.Civil War II #8
3.All Star Batman #5
4.Justice League Suicide Squad #2
5.Detective Comics #947
6.Star Wars #26
7.Flash #13
8.Wonder Woman #13
9.Titans #6
10.Harley’s Little Black Book #5

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