Fox's Upcoming X-Men TV Show To Feature Sentinels.

Fox's Upcoming X-Men TV Show To Feature Sentinels.

A year ago we reported that Fox was working on "HELLFIRE", an X-Men Tv show set in the late 1960s. READ [ HERE ]

Now X-Men producer , Lauren Shuler, has revealed that the X-Men show will feature the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots.

"Matt [Nix]'s [X-Men-based show] is much more a part of just the world in terms of there are mutants, mutants are hated and there are Sentinels — though very different from what we've seen before," said Shuler Donner. "You feel like you're here in the X-Men world. With 'Legion,' we're our own universe. It gives [showrunner] Noah [Hawley] the freedom to do what he wants to do. Because we play with so many different timelines, and we rebooted and not really rebooted and all that, we felt like, 'OK, we're going to throw it out there and hope the fans accept it.'"

Lauren Shuler also revealed that the new TV series will be set in an X-Men universe, but won't be part of the franchise X-Men film universe.

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