LG's New OLED Is The Thinnest TV Yet!

LG's New OLED Is The Thinnest TV Yet


LG unveiled their latest set of the 4K OLED TV "W-series", a 2.6mm thin flat Television that would have to hang it against the wall. 

According to Engadget ,the LG Tv uses a thin cable to connect to companion soundbars, which includes four HDMI ports, three USB connections and an optical audio port. The soundbars Dolby Atmos capable. 

W-series TVs will come in two sizes and is much lighter than any Tv -- the 65-inch weights just 17 pounds, while the 77-inch model clocks in at 27-pounds. All told, the W-series TVs will be offered two sizes: 65 and 77 inches. LG didnt reveal when the new sets of TV will be available or how much they will cost.


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