Nick Fury (The Son) Gets Solo Comic Series!

James Robinson And ACO revealed in interview with Newsarama's George R. R. Marston that Nick Fury ( son of Nicki Fury the chief of S.H.I.E.L.D ) with get a solo series from James Robinson and ACO - See arts from marvel below!

The comic, which debut later this spring, will feature single issue stories... Joining Fury is Frankie Noble, his counterpart in Hydra. The pair will embark on cat and mouse adventures that take place over short arcs - Robinson revealed to Newsarama.

Nick Fury (The Son) Gets Solo Comic Series!
NIck Fury Art By Marvel

If there is an overarching thing to this series, it's the idea of Fury just beginning to feel comfortable stepping into the shoes of his father. The other thing we'll see going from issue to issue is Fury's game of wits and skills with a new character - Frankie Noble, Agent of Hydra, who is very much the opposite number to Fury in all ways.

Nick Fury (The Son) Gets Solo Comic Series!
Art by ACO - Marvel


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