Captain America Can Still Lift Mjolnir Even After Being A Hydra Secret Agent!

Captain America Can Still Lift Mjolnir When After Being A Hydra Secret Agent!

SPOILER ALERT!!! Even after being unveiled has a Hydra secret agent, Steve Rogers aka Captain America is still worthy of lifting Thorn's hammer, Mjolnir.

Captain America showed Hydra's in Marvel’s Secret Empire Free Comic Book Day story when he subdued Marvel heroes Emerging victorious.


Throughout the story, the Avengers, Thunderbolts, and other Marvel heroes battle Hydra forces as word quickly spreads about their takeover. Just as the heroes think they’ve won, a Hydra-controlled S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier arrives, revealing none other than Steve Rogers – who assures the assembled heroes that what they are experiencing is real.

As they move in to attack, Steve enacts powerful countermeasures that cancel out the Avengers’ powers, subduing them all.

As Steve walks over the unconscious bodies of his fallen allies, he casually reaches down and lifts Mjolnir – seizing the power of Thor.

"It's a big moment. It's a big, scary moment for the Marvel Universe," writer Nick Spencer told IGN. "We wanted an iconic image that would signify to the audience and to everybody in the Marvel Universe that the fight was sort of over before it began."

"We thought 'what's a bigger finish than Hydra Captain Steve getting his hands on that hammer?' It has so much significance and meaning both to the broader Marvel Universe but also to Steve and Steve's own history," Spencer explained. "When he picks that up, it really is your sign that this thing is over before it starts."

Spencer told IGN that all will be explained in the stories to come.

"It certainly is a plot point we're going to keep coming back to and revisiting and talking about," Spencer said. "We're going to talk a little about what the meaning of 'worthiness' is."

Secret Empire #2 is due out on shelves May 17.


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