Cirrina Studios Has Revealed The First Key Visual For Their Animated Feature Thr Extincts.

Cirrina Studios has revealed the first key visual for their upcoming animated film The Extincts, directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker William Joyce ( Meet the Robinsons, Epic).

The studio animated film is based on British writer Veronica Cossanteli’s popular YA novel of the same name, and adapted by David Lipman (producer, Shrek 2). David Lipman and Michael Siegel (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Rise of the Guardians) will produce the movie.

“Feature animation is one of the cornerstones of Cirrina Studios broad ambitions,” said David Lipman, also president of production at Cirrina Studios. “I’m thrilled to partner with Olivier and Dwarf, we’ve assembled an unbelievably talented group of artists and technicians to make a ‘studio quality’ film with a unique look and global appeal.”

The novel follows 11-year-old George who lives with his frazzled mum and two older sisters. Between his dad’s leaving, large electric bills, and their family’s unsuccessful shop, times are tough. So, in an effort to replace his recently stolen bike, George starts a quest for a job that ends when he comes across a sign that reads, “Help Wanted / Interest In Wildlife Necessary / Must Be The Right Person.”

The quirky Mrs. Lind, the owner of Wormestall Farm, and Lo, a tall, blue-eyed boy, orient George in his responsibilities. These include tending to an overprotective dodo, feeding 8-foot carnivorous ducks, milking aurochs, and staying alive. Redheaded Prudence, the new girl at school, also finds her way to the farm, which offers an escape from her villainous, taxidermist stepmother, Diamond Pye. When basilisk Mortifier wanders from the farm, leading to the disappearance of both neighborhood pets and chicken vindaloo from Indian restaurants, it’s up to George and Prudence to bring Mortifier back before Diamond can add the large serpent to her collection. Uneven pacing and clunky plot development mar this otherwise appealing and imaginative story, though Muradov’s stylized vignettes successfully add elements of magic, emotion, and movement to George’s narration.

There's no details about the voice cast members yet. The Extincts pre-production starts in June. The studio is aiming for a 2019 release.

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