Marvel Reveals First Look At Venomverse, And More Venomized Heroes.

Marvel Reveals First Look At Venomverse, And More Venomized Heroes.

We reported that Marvel’s will be bring Venompool back in August in the final two issues of the limited -Edge of Venomverse. Which you can read here

Now according to Cullen Bunn and Devin Lewis, Venomverse #1 will launch a new series in September, and it will be “the biggest Venom story of all time”.

Brock’s Venom notorious will be back to prove why he's still the best fit for the symbiote suit. “There was an opportunity we saw, not only to put Venom back on Earth, but also to re-centralize him as a Spider-Man villain,” explained Devin Lewis.

“Eddie’s not a hero, but he is the Venom that’s most needed at this moment,” Bunn said of the story’s main protagonist. “This story will show why he’s the best Venom that there is.”

Venomverse will have a miniseries that will feature venomized versions of both new and old popular Characters such as; Rocket Raccoon, Gwenpool, Old Man Logan, Ghost Rider and Black Panther.

“Part of picking this cast was definitely thinking about who readers would be most excited to see,” said Cullen Bunn, “but another part of it–something that I’ve always found important–is how the Venom symbiote interacts with other hosts. What’s really exciting is that we get to see this with characters you’d never expect, like Black Panther, Mary Jane, and Old Man Logan.”

The series will also introduce a new race of aliens called the Poisons to the Marvel Universe. The fictional characters will be designed by Ed McGuinness. The Poisons will be a major aspect of the Venomverse - one that could have a potentially harrowing impact on the symbiote super team.

“the Poisons will present a unique challenge for these Venoms, who’re some of the strongest and most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. They’re nature’s answer to the symbiotes,” Devin Lewis explained. “The story that Cullen’s managed to craft here is absolutely terrific. As much as it’s about the symbiotes and the Poisons, it’s also about identity and trust. Cullen’s managed to make this an epic story in scope and an intimate story in regards to character.”

Venomverse will also have an anthology comic called Venomverse: War Stories. The anthology will including a venomized Punisher issue written and drawn by Declan Shalvey.

“There are definitely some horrific moments in this series, not just the gross-out or the jump scare. I think there’s some real emotional horror aspects to this story. The threat they’re dealing with has some pretty strong horror chops,” Bunn explained when asked about what should fans expect from the venomverse. “For me, just because we’re dealing with the symbiotes in general, there’s a heavy science fiction element to this story,” Bunn explained. “It’s heavily rooted in some sci-fi horror inspiration.”

Edge of Venomverse #1 will be released on June 28th. Venomverse #1 hits stores the first week of September. Venomverse is written by Cullen Bunn with covers by Clayton Crain. An artist is still to be announced.


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