Waymo's Theft Lawsuit Against Uber Under Criminal Investigation.

Waymo's Theft Lawsuit Against Uber Under Criminal Investigation.

A judge has denied a request by Uber to take the Waymo's lawsuit to private arbitration... Instead has referred the theft claims to the U.S. Attorney for a possible criminal investigation.

Waymo, Google self-driving car unit , has accused its former engineer Anthony Levandowski, of stealing thousands of confidential documents from Waymo before founding his own self-driving truck startup and going to lead Uber’s self-driving car team. TechCrunch reporting.

However, Uber says that LiDAR independently developed its technology before Levandowski arrived at the company. In the other hand Anthony Levandowski said he's recusing himself from LiDAR-related work while the case is ongoing.

“It is unfortunate that Waymo will be permitted to avoid abiding by the arbitration promise it requires its employees to make. We remain confident in our case and welcome the chance to talk about our independently developed technology in any forum,” an Uber spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Waymo's Theft Lawsuit Against Uber Under Criminal Investigation.

Judge Alsup has stated in his decision that Waymo wasn’t bound to arbitration in this case. “Defendants have repeatedly accused Waymo of using ‘artful’ or ‘tactical’ pleading to evade its arbitration obligations by omitting Levandowski as a defendant,” Judge Alsup wrote. “These accusations are unwarranted.”

Waymo had asked for the injunction to prevent Uber from using its technology while the case proceeds.

TechCruch reporting that Uber has argued that it can’t release documents related to its acquisition of Otto without violating its employee’s rights since Anthony Levandowski has invoked his 5th Amendment rights against self-incrimination in the case, refusing to answer questions about the documents and his work at his self-driving truck startup Otto or on Uber’s self-driving car project.

We will update you while story unfolds.

Source: Engadget TechCrunch

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