Carnage Confirmed As Venom Movie Main Villain.

Carnage Confirmed As Venom Movie Main Villain.

Carnage will be the main villain in the new the Venom solo movie starring Tom Hardy,and will be connected to Tom Holland's new Spiderman Universe.

Carnage is red symbiote character that belongs to a race of amorphous extraterrestrial parasites. Cletus Kasady was the first fictional supervillain to be host of the red symbiote. Carnage was created by writer David Michelinie and artists Erik Larsen and Mark Bagley. The character first appeared as Cletus Kasady in The Amazing Spider-Man #344 (March 1991) and as Carnage in The Amazing Spider-Man<b> #360.

Cletus Kasady is a psychopath and a homicidal sadist. As a child, he killed his grandmother by pushing her down a flight of stairs, tried to murder his mother by throwing a hair dryer into her bathtub, and tortured and killed his mother's dog, with a drill. It's like Marvel will adapt this version of Cletus Kasady in the upcoming film.


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