DC Reveals Batman: The Red Death and Batman: The Murder Machine Issue Cover.

DC Comics Batman: The Red Death and Batman: The Murder Machine Comic Issue Cover

DC Comics shared on Thursday has two covers for Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, Dark Nights: Metal one-shots featuring Batman: The Red Death and Batman: The Murder Machine. The two issue will go on sale September 20, and September 27, respectively.

The Red Death and The Murder Machine are part of the six main villain of the issue series who represent each a "corrupted versions of Batman set upon the DC universe to help conquer it once and for all". The evil Batmen from the Dark Multiverse includes Red Death, the Murder Machine, the Dawnbreaker, the Drowned, the Merciless and the Devastator.

"I wanted to create something that would remind you of the kid joy you felt when you went to the comic shop and you picked up something that was your summer event, right?" Snyder said. "It's stressful times, regardless of what side you're on, regardless of your political beliefs, I think that right now, we are exhausted by the news every day and I wanted to make something that would be pretty earth-shaking in his consequences and have big effects and change the DCU in important ways and be in-continuity, but also felt like when you pick it up, it's so immersive and crazy and reminds you of all the things you love about our characters, why they're aspirational, and also introduces you to brand new concepts, brand new territories, brand new characters, all that stuff. That was the goal. So I wanted you to pick it up and be like 'I am unleashing my inner rock god this summer and just going to the best rock-out concert I have ever gone to with the characters I love the most."

  • BATMAN: THE RED DEATH #1 (on sale September 20)
  • Written by Joshua Williamson
  • Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico

  • BATMAN: THE MURDER MACHINE #1 (on sale September 27)
  • Written by Frank Tieri
  • Art by Ricardo Federici

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