Producer Shares Young Justice: Outsiders Plot Details.

Producer Shares Young Justice: Outsiders Plot Details.

Young Justice: Outsiders producer Brandon Vietti, has revealed that the third season of the animated series will pick up stories from the first and second seasons of the show.

Vietti told recently that Young Justice: Outsiders will tell "unfinished stories" from the first two season with "new ideas."

“There were a lot of unfinished stories with them that we had ideas for, I think even in our first and second season, story ideas written down on little 3x5 cards and put on a wall and we just couldn’t get to those 3x5 cards in our first two seasons but Greg, he kept all of them and they came out, they’re up on the wall again,” Vietti explains. “So we’re going back into those and trying to continue, logically, the story progressions that everybody got to see in the first two season but also bring in these new ideas that we’ve had for a while but will shed new light on different aspects of the characters.”

Warner Bros. Animation's official synopsis reads, "In Young Justice, the teenage Super Heroes of the DC Universe come of age in a world of super powers, Super-Villains and super secrets. Used strategically as the secret covert weapon of the Justice League, Nightwing, Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and a host of others strive to prove to their legendary mentors, as well as to themselves, that they have what it takes to be heroes."

Young Justice: Outsiders animated television series third Season, will​ air on Warner Bros’ new DC Comics digital platform which is said to launch in 2018, alongside a live-action Titans series based on DC Comics’ Teen Titans characters. The animated series new season will see Traci Thirteen and Spoiler join the teen of the young superheroes team.

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