Beatless Anime Reveals OP And ED Theme Song Artists.

Beatless Anime Reveals OP And ED Theme Song Artists.

Diomedéa reevealed on Tuesday that Beatless anime televison series opening theme song will be performed by Garnidelia, and the ending theme song by ClariS. Series premiere January 2018 (Diomedéa)

Garnidelia is a Japanese pop rock duo formed in 2010. The duo consist of producer Yoshinori Abe aka toku, and vocalist Mai Mizuhashi aka MARiA. The pop rock duo is signed to Sacra Music. The duo as performed song for Kill la Kill,The Irregular at Magic High School and the ongoing Fate/Apocrypha anime television series.

ClariS is a Japanese pop music idol duo formed in 2009, the idol duo consist of singers Clara and Alice from Hokkaido. The duo is currently signed to Sacra Music record label under Sony Music Entertainment Japan in 2017. The duo as performed songs for Oreimo, Puella Magi Madoka Magica ,Eromanga Sensei and Owarimonogatari anime television series.

With the introduction of an ultra-advanced AI that surpasses human intelligence, beings that mankind is yet to fully comprehend made from materials far too advanced for human technology begin coming into being. Lacia, an hIE equipped with a black coffin-shaped device, is one of these. In boy-meets-girl fashion, 17-year-old Arato Endo has a fateful encounter with the artificial Lacia. For what purpose were these artificial beings created? Amid questions regarding the coexistence of these artificial beings and humans, a 17-year-old boy makes a decision...

Beatless anime television series adaptation will be directed by Seiji Mizushima at Diomedéa and written by Tatsuya Takahashi and Gō Zappa, with character designs by Hiroko Yaguchi. The series will premiere in January 2018.

Satoshi Hase and redjuice debuted Beatless science-fiction novel in Kadokawa Shoten's Newtype magazine in 2012. The series has inspired three separate manga series. Kagura Uguisu published the two-volume manga series BEATLESS - dystopia in Kadokawa's shōnen manga magazine Monthly Shōnen Ace between 2012 and 2013.

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