Death Mark Horror Game Trailer Revealed.

Death Mark Horror Game Trailer Revealed.

Developer Experience, has revealed the first trailer for the horror game Death Mark. The upgraded version of Death Mark will be avalaible for PlayStation 4 on January 18, 2018, in Japan, and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2018.

The PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch version of the game will feature a new episode added to the game, as well as a new “Event Gallery” system.

The PlayStation 4 version new episode is called “Urban Legend: Little Red Riding Hood of the Rain”. The Nintendo Switch version will be released later on.

Death Mark is available now for PS Vita in Japan.

Those who possess the “mark” will die. In the Tokyo metropolitan area’s H City, where such rumors began to circulate, a case thought to be a suspicious death as a result of the “mark” had occurred. This “mark” was unexpectedly engraved onto the body, literally like a birthmark. The cause of the birthmark is uncertain and has invited various rumors, such as it being the result of a ghost encounter somewhere or unknowingly coming into contact with a curse. One day, among those who possess the “mark,” people were invited to a certain mansion. You are among those people. “Welcome to Kujou Mansion.” The lord who greets you is a beautiful doll who speaks language. The doll quietly began to speak, “You will die if you stay like this…” “but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to be saved.”

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